How to grow lemons in Thai


Growing lemons 

Lemon is the most popular fruit in the cooking or making a drink. The price of lemon today is quite expensive. Especially during the dry season. December – May Lime price may reach 10 baht per child ever, which will certainly increase the cost of cooking. Especially people in the city without lemon. Therefore, growing lemons in pots is a way for people in the city. No land or less land. Want to grow lemons to eat yourself to save on the cost of cooking each meal.

 The recommended lemongrass is lemon, lemon, Phichit. Lemon and lime

Advantages of growing lemons in pots
1. Save space. Suitable for those who have no land or less land.
2. Can be planted on deck or balcony on building or building.
3. Easy to care and watering.
4. Can force the off-season to be easy.
5. Lift or move easily.
6. Can be classified as ornamental tree again.

Lemon in a pot

1. Plant growth is not good compared to planting on soil or in cement pipes.
2. Must change soil often or need to fertilize or nutrient to provide sufficient nutrients to grow and provide nutrients.
3. The tree is shabby. And the age of lime is shorter than planting in general, but not much difference.
4. Must be pruned to a high or large shrub to fit the area. And the size of the pots used.
5. Pot of falling pots. Make the pot break easily.

1. Clay pots or plastic pots
The pot is used as a clay pot. Ceramic pots or plastic pots. In addition, we can apply other containers for planting, such as tanks, basins, blisters, etc.

2. soil
The soil is mixed with dung. Mix 1 liter of 1: 1 or 1: 2 with 15-15-15 chemical fertilizer.

3. King Lemon Seed Can be purchased by the lemon garden or the general agricultural market.

4. Bamboo

5. Brick or sticks

to plant
1. Arrange the brick placed in the pot holder. With a gap in the center of the hole. Then put the empty pot. Selecting a location It must be sunny to shine.
2. Put the soil mixed with other planting materials and place in the pot. The soil level is low from the pots about 1 in 3.
3. Use a sharp knife to slit the lime bag. Pull the plastic bag out and place it down to the soil above the trunk area about 5 cm and the soil below the edge of the pot about 1 inch.
4. Watering and rinsing straw rice husk or leaves much to remove the base and the mouth of the pot.

– Irrigation will be provided by water or by means of irrigation equipment such as drip irrigation equipment. First day in the first period. And when the lime begins, it may give water a day.
– Fertilizer application to 15-15-15 fertilizer about half a handful 6 months / times, or may avoid chemical fertilizer in the care period. And to put in force only. In the general use of organic fertilizers or the use of animal manure soluble water.
– pruning Make a long or high pruning. If there is a large shrub, use the bamboo exam in all four corners and use a rope or bamboo frame around the bush. To not spread the bush.
– to leave the flower How to prevent the fruit after the lime. It is used with lemons that have been planted into pots or lemons, the young stem is small, slightly branched, because this lemon tree. If the fruit. May make early scratch. The farmers usually leave the flower. To grow the stem. And branching out before 3-5 months, then let the fruit. However, some farmers may leave only a few fruits for 3-5 months and then leave the whole fruit.

To make the off-season
By the nature of the lemon when pruning. The flowers will come out with new branches and new leaves, so forcing the lemon to leave in the off season, so use the method of fasting. And pruning is the procedure.
1. Choose lime trees that are aged from 8-12 months.
2. Cut the ends of the branches that require the ball. And should choose the branches.
3. Do not give lemon juice for 7-10 until the leaves wilt or fall.
4. Fertilizer formula 12-12-24, watered or moistened with water soluble fertilizer.
5. Give regular water once a day or every other day.
6. Lemon will split branches. And leave a new leaf about 15-20 days with a flower.
7. Spray with boiled water, herbs or worm or insect protection when the leaves are soft.

For lemons planted in pots if they are many years old or start to produce less. Should change the new species. The seedlings removed should be planted to the soil. It can maintain the tree to grow. And the same effect.

Techniques to grow lemongrass continuously. And many years
1. Selection of seedlings.
Lime branches suitable for planting in pots. Should be a branch from the beginning of the lemon seed. And branches should be a new branch that has not had a lemon or lime and not more than 1, the age of the branch about 4 months to 8 months, but this factor can not control the branch. The buyer can observe the color of the branches and the leaves are sold to the green should have a little green or a little sugar. The leaves are large, soft, not stiff, petioles are smooth, not folded, which indicates that the young. But sometimes it can be a result of fertilization. In the first year, only young lemons will be able to feed the lemons. And can keep the lime for more than 5 years.




9 ways to grow lemons and good fruit.

How to grow lemons Want to know how to grow lemons? Let’s see how these lemons grow. To grow lemons eat at home or to grow lemons to make money for the family is not the same.

        For those who have to buy lemons at an expensive price. I also do not believe that the lemon is a lemon without water or not. How to make a lemon how to grow lemons to try to grow lemons at home. To grow lemons to eat at home or grow lemons to make money for the family. Anyone interested in how to grow lemon, I try to use it.

1. Growing lemons.

        Growing lemons requires the use of complete and disease-free branches. Then cut into black bags with rice husk and coconut coir. When roots begin to grow strong. The lemon tree from the bag was planted in a 50×50 cm deep loamy hole with a depth of about 30 centimeters. Find the main wood and embroider it with a lemon tree to make it strong. Important position of the planting hole must be slightly higher than the path to prevent flooding.

2. Grow lemons for sale throughout the year.

        If you grow lemons, you can keep selling and earning them all year. How to grow a pair of lime trees. First of all, we have to select healthy and disease-free branches. This may be a Phichit key or a key. The shell has a lot of water to grow it. Then dig the hole to 50×50 cm deep 50 cm deep bottom pit with compost and manure. Next to the two branches of the plant down in the same hole, put the two branches to cross. Then drench the soil. And the main stick lime tree. This will make the two lemons scramble to grow and sell them all year round.

3. Grow lemons in water.

        The advantage of growing lemons in water is that. No need to spend much space and also yield all year. First of all, plastic pots need to be drilled into smaller images. The lemon trees are planted in a pot with holes, coconut husks, buttocks 5-10 cm high, followed by soil mixed with manure. And top up with a coconut husk. Then prepare to drill a 100 liter water tank lid to the size of the pot hole to put the pot to fit. Turn to 20 liters of water and 10 liters of bio-fermented water to the plant. And move it to the shade. Every 3 months after the first 3 months, bring the black skimpy to cover the leaves for 20 days and then remove. It will yield a lot throughout the year.

4. Grow lime in the cement pond.

        I want to make the lime season can do it. No need to rely on the method of science. From the preparation of the complete plant to the black bag with rice husk and wait for the root. In the meantime, prepare the part of the planting area. By using a cement pond size 80×40 cm to put. The bottom of the pond with a cover of cement 100 cm, then the soil with minerals and nutrients mixed with manure in the same ratio. When the lemon tree in the black bag is strong. It was moved down to the cement plant. Soak the soil at the base. And the main wood to hold the tree is not broken.

5. Grow lemons in a frying pan.

        Growing a lemon into a casserole is another way to save space and take care of it. Start by cutting the desired seed into black bags or pots to wait for the roots to grow stronger. Then go out to find a 14-inch plastic bucket to drill holes at the bottom of the tank before. Then move the lemon tree with strong roots into the sink, the soil, rice husk and manure to densify the soil at the base. Stick the tree.

6. Grow lemons in tires.

        In fact, the tire can be transformed into a pot of lemon tree. Then cut the edge of the rubber on both sides, then pour the cement to fill the gap in the rubber to the bottom of the pot. Then, the two cut edges were arranged to be stacked together to mix the soil 4 part of rice husk, 2 parts of manure and 2 parts of coconut husk, then mix well and pour into the tire tub. Move the lime to prepare. The main stick to hold the tree. And put it in the sun.

7. Lime Growing Without Soil

        Another way to prevent fungal diseases in plants. I also have easy care. From the coconut husk dust, ash old rice husk ash mixed in the same ratio, then tododolide 1 handful of water down to marinate to moisten. Take the dry leaves, dry grass, hyacinth mixed to prepare the steps to plant, bring the second ingredient to the cement pond, about ¾ of the pond, followed by the first ingredient. Bring a lot of lime branches into the middle. Remove the ingredients at the base. The main stick And moderate watering

8. Grow lime with leaves.

        Lime leaf propagation. From the branches of lemon leaves in a semi-soft and semi-hard to cut 3-4 branches to cut open the way to root out. Then cut the lime leaves halfway across. Dip the cuttings into the roots and dry them. When the branches dry, then put them into a coconut shell to tie. Move it to a house with a water spray system. New roots will grow within 1 month, then to grow it.

9. Planting lemons into pots.

        First of all, the lemon juice must be completely peeled off and then carefully separate the seeds from the lime. Take the seeds to wash the water and then dry the sun. Then cool the seeds in cold water for another night and then wrap the tissue tissue. Put the box with the lid. Do not let the tissues dry. The roots will grow out within a few days, then the seeds are planted in pots with soil mixed with manure in the same ratio. Watering, but not wet. And set to the sun.



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